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>I agree with Mathieu that translators in Europe tend to be substantially less 
>expensive. But if you live in the US, it's hard to get them on the phone when 
>you want to discuss an issue. And many want payment in Euros, which, for my 
>accounting department, is a major problem.

We're not translators, but I feel I should stick up for the European end of 

. Any European company that is interested in working for US clients should be 
able to quote in US dollars. If they can't or won't, don't work with them. We 
can, and do.

. If the phone doesn't work for you, use e-mail: it's a useful tool for 
crossing time zones. If a contractor doesn't respond to e-mail as quickly as 
you'd like, stop using them.

. The difference in tome-zones can be made to work to your advantage: we come 
on-stream half a working day before the East seaboard and a whole working day 
before the West seaboard and we're working away while you're asleep. This 
constitutes a sort of double-shift system ;-)

Our US clients are happy, and we're happy working for them. The Internet 
shrinks the world: everyone benefits.

Steve Rickaby
WordMongers Ltd                

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