Since we have been discussing localization, I thought there might be some
interest in this information.  This is one of the reasons I like this
vendor.  They provide a lot of free education.  I recently attended an all
day seminar on content management that was hosted by this vendor.  No cost
to the attendees.  There were presentations by HP, SUN, Computer Associates,
and others on how they save literally millions of dollars per year by using
XML and CMS.

Unfortunately, I can send only plain text to this list and some of the links
feom the HTML message I received  are missing, but you can download the
white paper from the SDL website at the link below.


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Being introduced to new and valuable products and services is a benefit of
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Is your organization thinking about, or currently moving to an XML or single
sourcing strategy? Do you want this strategy to help drive multilingual
If so, you need to be aware of global XML, because XML by itself does not
solve the problem of global markets.

Over the coming months you will be able to access a series of white papers,
webinars and case studies to provide insight into global XML and its
powerful role in providing efficiencies for automating the delivery of
content to a global audience.  Global XML is the use of XML when
communicating with global markets.
Global organizations that are moving to an XML or single sourcing strategy
must think of global XML as part of the process of implementing XML.
Thinking globally at the end of the implementation wastes time and money and
reduces the benefits of using XML.

Attend this webinar for an introduction to XML, single sourcing and global
XML ? the use of XML when communicating with global markets. You will learn
why ?global? cannot be an after-thought and how global XML links XML
strategies together with authoring, content management, translation
management and publishing processes to improve efficiencies and protect XML

An Introduction to Global XML White paper

Download this white paper for an introduction to XML, single sourcing and
the important role played by global XML in ensuring organizations gain
maximum Return on Investment (ROI) from their XML investment.

Sign up now for exclusive access to the first available webinar and white
paper in this series.

To contact us for more information on global XML, visit or email us on globalxml at

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