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> ( BW)(CA-ADOBE-SYSTEMS)(ADBE) Adobe Releases Major Upgrade to RoboHelp
>     Adobe RoboHelp 6 Eases Creation, Management and Publishing of
> Intuitive Software Help Systems and Knowledge Bases
>     Business Editors/High-Tech Editors
>     SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 16, 2007--Adobe Systems
> Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe(R) RoboHelp(R) 6, a
> complete, flexible and user-friendly system to create, manage and
> publish software help systems, knowledge bases and documentation for
> desktop and Web-based applications. As a key element of Adobe's
> technical communications product line-up, which includes Adobe
> FrameMaker(R), Adobe Captivate(TM) and Adobe Acrobat(R), RoboHelp 6
> provides all the desktop functionality that authors need to create
> advanced Help content, including table of contents, index, glossary,
> graphics, special effects and context-sensitive Help. Adobe RoboHelp
> Server 6, also introduced today, provides powerful server features
> that ensure the delivery of up-to-date online content, with real-time
> tracking of how end-users engage with the help system that provides
> valuable feedback to Help publishers.
>     "Adobe RoboHelp 6 is a major release and a key milestone in the
> product's 15-year history," said Don Walker, senior director of
> product marketing and business development at Adobe. "RoboHelp 6
> strongly reinforces Adobe's commitment to the technical communications
> market, giving authors what they need to easily develop, manage and
> maintain intuitive software help systems and knowledge bases."
>     "RoboHelp has consistently led the market for the past decade,
> providing superior usability and productivity," said Ron Linyard,
> President and CEO of Unwired Software and former VP of Engineering for
> eHelp. "The software is compatible with a host of formats and
> leverages the benefits of other Adobe products to give users a richer
> experience than other tools provide."
>     With this release, Adobe has consolidated the Adobe RoboHelp
> product family into two simple and powerful choices -- Adobe RoboHelp
> 6 for authoring and Adobe RoboHelp 6 Server for the delivery of online
> content. Users of RoboHelp 6 also benefit from the integration of
> Adobe Captivate 2 for improved workflow and more engaging content with
> simulations and demonstrations. In addition, users can automate the
> building of their help at a predetermined time using command line
> compilation. Conditional Table of Contents (TOC) allows for greater
> control and customization of table of contents. With User Defined
> Variables, changes can be made just once, but seen everywhere in Help.
> Updated Adobe RoboSource Control provides an unique source document
> and version control system for Windows and Web development for both
> individual users and collaborative teams. Adobe PDF creation generates
> support for hyperlinks & bookmarks and enables accessible PDFs.
> Built-in RoboScreenCapture means users don't need to invest in a
> separate application to create and edit screen shots.
>     RoboHelp Server 6 extends and supports the capabilities of Adobe
> RoboHelp 6 to provide a complete online Help and Knowledge Base
> solution. Authors can easily deploy and manage up-to-date online
> content, control and monitor the use of Web-based Help systems in real
> time through a new web-based remote interface, and develop Help
> systems for use with the Microsoft .NET Framework. Also, RoboHelp
> Server 6 includes FlashHelp Pro, a server-based version of FlashHelp
> and provides connectivity with Oracle and SQL databases, formerly sold
> separately in the RoboEngine Connectivity Pack.
>     Adobe RoboHelp 6 gives users more choices to create and publish
> content. Users can import a variety of content created in Microsoft
> Word, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PDF, XML and other help projects and
> then publish the content in popular help formats including FlashHelp,
> WebHelp, HTML help, WinHelp, HTML, JavaHelp, OracleHelp for Java and
> even printed documentation output in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word. The
> customization of content is made easier with conditional text and new
> features like TOC and user defined variables.
>     Pricing and Availability
>     RoboHelp 6 and RoboHelp 6 Server are available for purchase today
> for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Support for Windows Vista will be
> added in 2007. The estimated street price for Adobe RoboHelp 6 is
> US$999 and US$1999 for Adobe RoboHelp 6 Server. Previous users of
> RoboHelp and RoboInfo can upgrade to Adobe RoboHelp 6 and RoboHelp
> Server 6 for an estimated street price of US$499 and US$999,
> respectively. Volume discounts and government and education licensing
> are also available to eligible customers. To learn more about Adobe
> RoboHelp 6 and Adobe RoboHelp Server 6, please visit
> www.adobe.com/go/robohelp. For more information, customers in North
> America can call 1.800.326.2124.
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