This is interesting...  "DisplayUsingPrinterMetrics=ON" does not exist
in my Maker INI file... Maybe I should add it?
Thanks for the response.

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In maker.ini, do you have the WYSIWYG setting for printer fonts turned
As in:

; Space characters within a line using printer font metrics.
; Adobe FrameMaker always uses printer font metrics to calculate where ;
linebreaks and pagebreaks occur. However, by default, the relative ;
position of each character within a line is displayed on the screen ;
using screen font metrics. This "looks" better on the screen but is ;
misleading in that the positions of characters within a line on a ;
printed page may be different than on a displayed page. In particular, ;
if you are trying to position a graphic relative to a character in a ;
line, you should change this setting to "On" which results in the ; the
use of printer font metrics when displaying lines.


On 1/15/07, Dodd, Frank J <frank.j.dodd at> wrote:
> When printing FM pages the fonts mysteriously expand on the page and 
> will overlap/underlap inserted graphics.. Tried different printers 
> with no luck.
> Any suggestions?
> Frank
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