There are actually 3 maker.ini's on my machine. Only 1 contains the
display setting (the one in the FM home directory). I modified and
rebooted and magically all my pages now have a different size font.
Worked great... Thanks for the help. 
Next problem will be in a new thread.. 
Again thanks to all who replied for the help.


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Art Campbell wrote:
> Well, the fact that it isn't there is REALLY interesting.
> Are you looking at the maker.ini in your FM install directory, or a 
> personal copy? I've never seen a C:\Program 
> Files\Adobe\FrameMaker7.2\maker.ini that didn't have it.
> So if it is missing, I'd say yes, it'd be safe to add it; you can 
> always remove it if it does something unexpected.
> Art
> On 1/16/07, Dodd, Frank J <frank.j.dodd at> wrote:
>> This is interesting...  "DisplayUsingPrinterMetrics=ON" does not 
>> exist in my Maker INI file... Maybe I should add it?
>> Thanks for the response.
>> Frank

Yes, don't forget that in later versions of FM, there are two locations
for maker.ini files. (Can't remember the pathnames, but it's documented
in the Online Manual on customizing frame; it's probably in Docs &
Settings\USER\Application Data.)


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