Just what I needed.  It works great.  THANKS Chuck!

But I noticed something. When you download it, you get a 30-day trial copy.  
Then you must buy it.  But it costs only $10.


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>Hi Jennifer,
>Try Flywheel. Best thing I've found. In fact, it's the only thing I've
>found that will work on my system (Windows XP, SP2). Fantastic little
>piece of freeware!
>You can find it at:
>Just follow the directions on that page to install and "register" it.
>(You'll see what I mean.)
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>Hi everyone,
>I know that this comes up on the list occasionally, but I haven't saved
>the information because I never thought it would happen to me.  :-)~
>Our IT department installed a new Logitech trackball on my PC and the
>darned thing won't scroll in FM (6.0p405). 
>Can anyone offer a solution? I'm the only person in our organization
>that uses FrameMaker, so it's not like IT knows a lot about the
>Thanks in advance,

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