Hi Diane,

No, you do not have to buy it. It is now freeware. On the web page,
there are instructions for installing it and registering it. I think you
have to use the registration ID "I am free" or something like that. Once
you "register" with that, you're good to go. Double check the web page
for the exact instructions.


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Just what I needed.  It works great.  THANKS Chuck!

But I noticed something. When you download it, you get a 30-day trial
copy.  Then you must buy it.  But it costs only $10.


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>Hi Jennifer,
>Try Flywheel. Best thing I've found. In fact, it's the only thing I've 
>found that will work on my system (Windows XP, SP2). Fantastic little 
>piece of freeware!
>You can find it at:
>Just follow the directions on that page to install and "register" it.
>(You'll see what I mean.)
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>Hi everyone,
>I know that this comes up on the list occasionally, but I haven't saved

>the information because I never thought it would happen to me.  :-)~
>Our IT department installed a new Logitech trackball on my PC and the 
>darned thing won't scroll in FM (6.0p405).
>Can anyone offer a solution? I'm the only person in our organization 
>that uses FrameMaker, so it's not like IT knows a lot about the 
>Thanks in advance,

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