On 19 Jan 2007 at 16:13, Michael Zaichenko wrote:

> Is there a way to control the width and offset of the Underline, Overline
> and Strikethrough options in FrameMaker? I know what the manual says. I
> need to know if there is a way to tweak FM system files to change these
> settings.

Well, I don't consider myself an uppercased real frame guru and will be happy 
if others from the group 
will correct my view:

The standard underline metics (location to baseline, thickness) are a matter of 
the font definition. 
The metrics of math underline, strike through and overstrike are burried 
somewhere in the FM. 
However, I have not found a hint in any of the dll's not to speak about *.ini 
or *.cfg files.

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