At 13:42 -0500 19/1/07, Joseph Sims wrote:

>My thoughts:
>A. Office 2007 Word - This is supposed to have structured authoring.
>We'll wait for a demo.

Really? What does it mean by 'structured authoring' in this context? I'd be 
very interested to know. I've read the downloadable puff on Word 2007, and it 
doesn't seem to be talking about structured authoring in the sense that I 
understand the term. As far as I can see, M$ has implemented a 'read-only' flag 
that can be applied to selected text, and inflated it to the level of a major 
new feature that they've called 'Content Controls'. Knowing Word, it's probably 
just another hack to get in the way.

>B. Structured Frame - I've never designed a structured template, and
>would I have to buy seats for all contributors?

Big cost, big learning curve, but ultimately a great way to work. You might 
need a consultant to get things up ands running quickly.

>C. Structured Frame with Frame Server - I haven't heard a lot of people
>here mention it. We manage a file based, and growing content repository
>to help with proposal questions. Does it make sense?
>D. Arbortext - Pay to have all document issues resolved.

I have no experience of these, but others might.


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