If you're dealing with a lot of content reuse, you may want to at least 
consider AuthorIT. That'll let you use Word in a fairly safe setup - or so they 
say! Check it out - there's an evaluation version on their home page at 

Not affiliated - not even a user - total Word-shunning Frame setup here ;o)!


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It's been a full three months since I last saw a Frame doc, having changed 
careers, companies, industries and most things that were familiar. I'm now 
tasked with managing the proposal process at a new place.

Our proposals are 50-100 page documents (8-12 per month) with a mixture of 
original sales writing, stock content, and responses to questions.
The deadlines are tight, and involve multiple, fairly willing contributors. 
It's like technical writing on speed, IMO. Deliverables are about 60% PDF and 
40% paper. I think paper is declining rapidly. 

The process I inherited is Word-based. So my nice, clean template gets fairly 
polluted right away when pasting in client RFP questions, stock answers, and 
material created in Word by people who aren't in the document business.

The good thing is there are few boundaries on change here. This process can 
literally be scrapped if I have a superior replacement that makes good sense. 
So if you could do it all over - what would you do?

My thoughts:

A. Office 2007 Word - This is supposed to have structured authoring.
We'll wait for a demo. 

B. Structured Frame - I've never designed a structured template, and would I 
have to buy seats for all contributors? 

C. Structured Frame with Frame Server - I haven't heard a lot of people here 
mention it. We manage a file based, and growing content repository to help with 
proposal questions. Does it make sense?

D. Arbortext - Pay to have all document issues resolved. 

Did I miss any? Did I miss the point of some? 


D. Joseph Sims
Communications Group Manager
Sutherland Global Services 
1160 Pittsford-Victor Rd. 
Pittsford, New York 14534 
Office - (585) 586-5757 *2447
Cell - (585) 967-4187


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