I worry about that trap, too.

However, once you have the script working correctly, you get another bit of 

You know there isn't any human error. (or at least, as much human error)

I bought framescript because I had to convert 13 books from one template to 
another. Yes, it took me about 3 weeks to write all the scripts that I needed. 
Could I have spent that time manually moving all the figure captions from above 
the image to below, confirming tables were attached to an anchor paragraph, 
renaming paragraph tags, etc. etc.? Yes. However, there would have been a TON 
of mistakes in there. Never mind the fact I would have gone crazy in the 
process. ;-)

Since I had started to learn the tool...I could start using it to write other 
time saving scripts. I was also able to write a few scripts that I use all the 
time. For example, I use WebWorks 2003, and like my images to be in a 
thumbnail. You have to insert a marker in a text box into every single anchored 
frame you want to convert this way. I wrote a script that does that for me if I 
use the script to import the image. 

You are correct that you need to be careful. You do have to weigh the time 
spent vs. the value add. For me, the piece of mind that I could do it once, and 
it would be right, was huge. The extra value of having time saving scripts for 
later helped. And I could add something to my resume.


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From: Steve Rickaby <srick...@wordmongers.demon.co.uk>

I'm wary of script languages generally because of the 'macro trap'. This is my 
term for a syndrome I noticed when I was a manager in the computer industry. 
It's real easy to think, 'Right, this is a tedious process, but I can automate 
it with a script and save *tons* of time'... and then spend twice as long 
developing and testing the automation than it would have taken to do the task 
manually in the first place ;-) 

I've even fallen into the macro trap myself... once, slightly scarily, with 
electronic *hardware*, during my postgrad research.

I'm sure Rick never does this, though ;-)


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