As for the "macro trap" - you are right that sometimes making a macro to do 
stuff takes (at least) the same amount of time that you'd spend doing it 
manually. BUT at least you are having fun developing it, you are using your 
brain at a different frequency, and over time you can build up a collection of 
macros that you can pull out and adapt for the situation at hand. 

So - I'm all in favour of using macros!


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I'm wary of script languages generally because of the 'macro trap'. This is my 
term for a syndrome I noticed when I was a manager in the computer industry. 
It's real easy to think, 'Right, this is a tedious process, but I can automate 
it with a script and save *tons* of time'... and then spend twice as long 
developing and testing the automation than it would have taken to do the task 
manually in the first place ;-) 

I've even fallen into the macro trap myself... once, slightly scarily, with 
electronic *hardware*, during my postgrad research.

I'm sure Rick never does this, though ;-)


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