Without knowing the ins and outs of Miramo (because there may be a
tool there), I think it would be close to trivial to include a
FrameScript in your workflow that sets the Word header rows to FM's
Header Rows. I'd suggest Rick Quattro, author of TableCleaner, as a
good source if you don't want to roll your own... www.frameexpert.com.


On 1/24/07, Gainsley, Margaret <margaret.gainsley at medtronic.com> wrote:
> Hello again,
> I have had some inquiries that I would like to answer globally about
> what we are doing with Word in a db and transforming using Miramo into
> FrameMaker.
> We are using a requirements db (Doors). Some of our data that was
> originally displayed in complexed FrameMaker tables (rotated text in
> header rows and large spanning tables) has an undesirable display for
> the authors editing in Doors. In these cases we are embedding the large
> complexed tables in a word file within Doors. When we publish our review
> documents, we are transforming the Word file along with all the rest of
> the requirements into the Miramo file giving us a very VERY nice
> FrameMaker file. Our issue is to get these huge word tables to create a
> heading row for multi page repeat functionality.
> All in all, FrameMaker has a very nice import tool for word tables. Now
> if Adobe would preserve Words header and body rows and perhaps map the
> styles without overrides, then I would be EXTRAORDINARILY pleased.
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