Hello again,

I have had some inquiries that I would like to answer globally about
what we are doing with Word in a db and transforming using Miramo into

We are using a requirements db (Doors). Some of our data that was
originally displayed in complexed FrameMaker tables (rotated text in
header rows and large spanning tables) has an undesirable display for
the authors editing in Doors. In these cases we are embedding the large
complexed tables in a word file within Doors. When we publish our review
documents, we are transforming the Word file along with all the rest of
the requirements into the Miramo file giving us a very VERY nice
FrameMaker file. Our issue is to get these huge word tables to create a
heading row for multi page repeat functionality. 

All in all, FrameMaker has a very nice import tool for word tables. Now
if Adobe would preserve Words header and body rows and perhaps map the
styles without overrides, then I would be EXTRAORDINARILY pleased.

Margaret A. Gainsley

Medtronic, Inc.
Business Process Improvement

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