Not so tough if you broaden your request just a tad. You can
apply a single formatting property to multiple paragraphs, but 
you don't do it by copying and pasting.

If the paragraphs are consecutive, simply select them
all as a block and open the Paragraph Designer. The designer
will only display specific properties that are common to all 
selected paragraphs, but this isn't quite generic enough. Use 
the Set Window to As Is command to set *everything* to As Is.
Then set the one property you want to change and click Apply
(*NOT* Update All). Only that one property will be changed.

If the paragraphs are not all consecutive, use exactly the same 
procedure for the first paragraph or block of paragraphs. Then 
use F4 to apply the same paragraph formatting (As Is except 
for the single property you are changing) to any other paragraphs
you want to change.

Of course this applies the formatting as an override. If you want
to change the definition of the paragraph formats, you want to 
look into the Global Updates Options.

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Hello there,
Looking for a way to copy one property of a paragraph? like it's spacebelow 
or keepwithnext? and paste it over to many other paragraphs. BUT ONLY ONE 
Braincracker, huh?

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