> Once again you've only replied to me, rather than to the list. You need to 
> understand that this is a shared community in which whoever knows 
> something to contribute, does contribute. Writing only to one community 
> member puts the work on that person, and also closes off the possibility 
> that others may have more useful information for you.

Like Michael, I often send replies to the original poster only, and not to 
the forum. It's not intentional. It's just that, of all the fora I visit on 
the Web, this is the only one that is not set by default to reply to the 
group. I never have to use the Reply All button anywhere else, so I almost 
always forget and hit the Reply button out of habit.

I think it's silly that a person has to enter the FrameUsers address 
manually in a reply (once you've started composing, it's the only way to add 
it), or remember to hit a different button (Reply All) _before_ you compose 
a reply to the forum. I wish the forum default setting was changed in this 
regard. But I know the topic has come up before and some feel it's more 
important to be sure the original poster gets a direct copy of the reply, 
rather than the forum. So there's the trade-off.

Mike Wickham

P.S. It was only at the last moment that I remembered to manaully addthe 
FrameUsers address into this reply, or you alone would have seen it!

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