Thanks Steve:

   I was thinking of the mechanistic aspects but thanks for broadening my

   Greg Thompson

     From: Steve Rickaby <srickaby at>
     To: "Greg Thompson" <greg_ontheroad at>
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     Subject: Re: Looking for books on Frame template design
     Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 13:39:04 +0000
     >At 20:21 -0800 28/1/07, Greg Thompson wrote:
     > > I have decided to take the plunge into learning template design using
     > > Any suggestions on books/tutorials to get out of the land advanced
     > > intermediate/user I have been stuck in for sometime? :)
     >It rather depends on what you mean by 'template design'. This has [very
     broadly] two aspects:
     >. The mechanistic material to do with using FrameMaker to create page and
     book designs
     >. The artistic side of good typographical design
     >For the former, I know of no more comprehensive book than 'FrameMaker 7,
     the Complete Reference', by Sarah O'Keefe and Sheila Loring. This has now
     been republished as 'Publishing Fundamentals: FrameMaker 7':
     >For the artistic bit, there are probably zillions of books on good
     typographical design. I do not own it, as it was out of print when I
     wanted it, but 'Elements of Typographic Style' by Robert Bringhurst is
     highly spoken of:
     >To paraphrase Artur Schnabel: 'The text I handle no better than many
     typesetters. But the spaces between the text - ah, that is where the art
     resides.' ;-)

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