Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite address my
problem.  Unless I'm missing something, the method you suggest copies
all the character attributes, not just the tag name.  

I am trying set an "Em Dash" character tag with no text attributes, just
the tag name. When I get translated Chinese files back from our
translators, I have to change the client's Western fonts to the
appropriate double-byte font. Sometimes, Frame misinterprets the em dash
as the first half of a double-byte character and that messes up the
subsequent text.  In order to make the em dash display properly, I have
to apply the original western font to that character.  

The goal is to apply this tag prior to translation, so I can then run a
simple search/replace on the translated files to find and fix these

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Here you go...

Apply the character tag to text, and select the formatted text. 
Use the Edit/Copy Special/Character Format command to copy the character
to the clipboard.
Do your Find/Change with Change By Pasting selected. The character tag
paste over the top of the text without replacing it.

-Matt Sullivan

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Does anyone know of a plugin, script or workaround that will allow me to
find/change text & character tags in one operation?  

I would like to apply a character tag to a particular character that is
used in paragraphs of several different styles without changing the rest
of the attributes. As far as I can tell, Frame only lets me change
character attributes, not tags.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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