Nope. The em dash character I'm concerned with appears in headings,
subheadings and body text and uses different fonts, sizes, etc. Copying
the character format copies all those character attributes. I need a way
to copy just one attribute and leave the others "As Is". I can (and have
been) do this one by one, but I was hoping to find a magic "Replace all"

Now I'm playing around with the MIF files to see if I can find a
solution there.

Thanks for all your responses!

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Can't you just do this with a find and replace by pasting? Set up one
instance of the character with the proper character format, select it
copy, then find the character and replace by pasting, which puts in the
character with the character format.

Mike Conner

on 1/30/07 2:28 PM, Art Campbell at art.campbell at wrote:

> Might want to look at superfind... don't know if it does what you
> want, but it is out there...
> Art
> On 1/29/07, Alison Carrico <acarrico at> wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a plugin, script or workaround that will allow me
>> find/change text & character tags in one operation?
>> I would like to apply a character tag to a particular character that
>> used in paragraphs of several different styles without changing the
>> of the attributes. As far as I can tell, Frame only lets me change
>> character attributes, not tags.
>> Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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