> Can't you ask your network admin to restore your files.  They 
> have to back up the network regularly. If they can't give you 
> the latest, at least they should be able to restore to a 
> recent save.  So it won't be a total loss.

Good point Clara. But for the update process they copy all dirs and
files to a replica server, and then back to the production server when
done. They can't find the updated files on the replica. It turns out
that our rework should not take more than a half day, so more the
nuisance than anything. 

> You might also tell your network guys that REAL sysadmins 
> work under cover of night...
> When the users are in bed.

I like your attitude Art. I've tried that in the past, and also asking
for notification before they begin. I may have to go higher. On the
other hand, they might reply that REAL tech writers work in a secured
source environment, which I will be looking into more aggressively. 

Mike Long

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