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> So, will this process work: FrameMaker 5.5.6 > Word/RTF > InDesign?  (I
don't have InDesign or any InDesign experience.)

Sure, but I agree with Steve: remove the graphics first and then Place them
again in Indesign. Since they're referenced, this shouldn't be a problem.
The Indesign document will need some work; it will get styles and local
formatting from RTF, but of course it will only get what Frame was able to
put into the RTF file (and it will probably get some junk that you don't

Indesign 2.0 was kind of primitive. IDCS2 offers anchored objects. I don't
think ID2 could anchor (but it's been awhile), so she might want to consider
upgrading first.

> If this does work, can an Australian FrameMaker user

Why Australian? Why does she need help at all? It sounds like she has both
Frame and Indesign. She should just delete all the graphics, save as RTF,
Place the RTF in ID (keeping styles and formatting), and then add back the
graphics. But if she does need help, I'd be happy to assist, even though I'm
in upstate New York.

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Pegasus Type, Inc.
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