rebecca officer wrote:

> I just wondered if anyone has a trick that lets you make a 
> cross-reference to something that includes character-tagged 
> text, and preserve the character tag in the cross-reference?
> We document commands, and some of them have italics in part 
> of the command syntax. In the associated step-by-step 
> instructions, the most reliable way to include the command 
> syntax is to use cross-references.
> But the italics get lost. :-(

I vaguely recall someone describing a (somewhat difficult) solution for
this once, but don't have time to search for the post right now. IIRC,
it was based on the fact that xrefs retain char formats that use a
different font family. So, you need to create a copy of the font used
with a new name -- I think you need Fontographer or equivalent because
you have to change the internal name of the font. 

For instance, if you're using Courier for your commands, and applying
the Variable char tag to italicize the variables, you create a new font,
CourierCopy, and redefine the Variable char tag to be CourierCopy
Italic. FM will retain this in your xrefs. 

As a quick test, try it with two similar-looking fonts, such as the
PostScript font Courier and its TrueType cousin, Courier New -- if that
works and looks OK, maybe you're done! :-) 


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