Any graphics on the reference or master pages?


On 7/2/07, Himanshu Marathe <hymarathe at> wrote:
> Hi
> I am facing a new error in FM 7.2 when I save few FM files. The error
> message is:
> An internal error occurred while writing imported graphics in this document.
> The file has been saved, but has lost some image data. Please report this
> error to Adobe Technical Support.
> There are no graphics or OLE objects in the files and were working fine in
> FM 7.1. After I click OK in the error message window, the file is not saved
> and a new file with a funny extension is found in the folder. The extension
> is something like I7E, B3F, etc.
> I've tried saving the file as MIF, but it still gives the error message and
> the file is not saved. I've tried re-installing FM7.2, but of no hope. The
> files were created in a old version of FM, probably FM 6. Some of these
> files were working fine yesterday but started giving error today.
> Need a solution to fix this problem.
> Himanshu
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