Hi Mike:

I'm with Bright Path, and we do FrameMaker training in public classes and at
client sites.  We can send one of our certified Frame trainers to you.  I
was in Dallas last month doing a class!

More info on our FrameMaker training is at
http://www.brightpathsolutions.com/pages/services/training/adobe.html.  A
custom agenda can be created to ensure we hit what your team needs, and in
the timeframe you need.

If you wish to discuss training at your site, I'm available this week at the
number below.  We can provide references and trainer information too.

Thank you,


Kay Ethier
kay at brightpathsolutions.com (NEW EMAIL)
Bright Path Solutions
Website: http://www.brightpathsolutions.com
Conferences website: http://conf.travelthepath.com
SKYPE = kayper

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From: Mike Derryberry

I am in the market for introductory and advance Framemaker training for
about 10 students.  I am looking for recommendations for training providers
that can come to my facility in the Dallas, Texas area to deliver the
training.  Any suggestions?

Mike Derryberry

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