Garnier Garnier wrote:

>   I could right align the numbered list in FM and they seem 
> perfect in the PDFs.
>   The problem is that the generated html output does not give 
> the required result. The single digit in the WebWorks output 
> still appears to be left aligned due to which the body text 
> following the single and double-digit numbers have moved 
> towards the right.  I tried fixing this in the Basic 
> Paragraph option in the Style Designer, but in vain. Am not 
> familiar with the macros so do not know whether that needs to 
> be modified. 

Ah, HTML! You can't align things with tabs in FM and have it translate
to HTML -- HTML doesn't respect white space (which includes tabs),
collapsing it all down to a single space. 

I'm no HTML guru, but I don't think there's any way to right-align the
numbers in an HTML ordered list (<li> items in an <ol>). I think you'd
have to convert from an ordered list to a table, or maybe do the numbers
and following text as separate <div> tags with CSS positioning. 

Way too complex for such a trivial matter, if you ask me. We've all
lived with left-aligned numbered lists in Web pages for a long time now.
Your readers can live with it a bit longer. :-)


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