Do the systems print the page (to the same printer) differently also?
In the maker.ini file, are the Printer/Font metrics settings the same?


On 7/17/07, Doug <dbailey4117 at> wrote:
> When my co-worker views Reference page #1, all of the line titles
> (Footnote, TableFootnote, Single Line, Double Line, etc.) are crunched
> together.  It looks a little like the effect you get when you set the
> Spread to -24 percent.  However, the spread on the format in question
> is set to 0.  In fact, both the paragraph format and the character
> format involved are set properly...there are no overrides.
> She and I are both using FM v7.2p158 unStructured.  I can open the
> same document and it looks fine but it looks crunched on hers.
> Also, when she types text inside a table, the text tends to not wrap
> to the next line when it should.  Instead the text on that line
> crunches together tighter and tighter.  Eventually the text will wrap
> to the next line, but it's all crunched together.
> Any ideas on how to fix this?
> --Doug
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