Another approach, which I find to be much faster than copying 
rows and pasting into new tables, is to make multiple copies 
of the entire table and delete the unwanted rows from each 
successive copy. This approach retains the original columns 
widths in each new table, preserves the column heading row, 
and duplicates the table title but with appropriate numbering if 
you are using autonumbering. Other than deleting the rows 
above and below the range you want to use in a given division 
of the table, the only thing you need to do is edit the identical 
titles of each new table to make some differentiation for that 
division of the whole table. 

The only real downside is that when you first make all the copies 
they all look exactly alike (except for the table number) so that 
you have to be careful to keep track of which division of the table 
you're working on as you delete rows. But if you screw up, you 
just have to paste in another copy of the original table and start
over with the row deletions.

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Hi Les,

You can select a range of rows in a table, CUT and choose "Remove cells from 
Table" ... 
Put your insertion point where you want the cut section of table to become an 
independent table, PASTE.
== after you have pasted table segment, press Ctrl-T to open the Table 
Designer, and on the BASIC tab, change "Title Position" in lower right corner 
of menu to "Above Table". APPLY.
== Note that your table will not have any header rows. If you had header rows 
in the original table, you will need to add header rows to your new table and 
copy/paste the content from the original table to the new table.

To make a table segment (e.g. ROW) start a new page, insert your cursor in the 
ROW where you want a page break, and choose Table=>Row Format change "Start 
Row" menu to "top of page" and SET. If you need to undo this later, insert your 
cursor in a row that has a "start page" format in it, and use this same 
command, only change "Start Row" to "Anywhere."

I hope this answers your questions.

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>Subject: Splitting a long table into separate tables in FM 7.2
>We have some long tables (several pages) in FM 7.2.
> We would like to make separate tables of some of the topics in this long 
> table and put them on separate pages in some places.
>How can I do this?? 
>How can I give each new table a title?
> How can I move or push a table section to the next page??
>Thanks in advance.
> Les Winberg

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