> William Gaffga wrote:
>> Has anyone tried or know of a "good" way to go from Frame to a  
>> Wiki? We are looking at moving a library of keywords for a dev  
>> tool from FM to a wiki format. This would be a one time thing. I  
>> tried googling this and one fella does a FM->HTML->Wiki conversion  
>> with a lot of cleanup:
>> <http://edutechwiki.unige.ch/en/User_talk:Daniel_K._Schneider>.

On Jul 17, 2007, at 3:01 PM, Laura Lemay wrote:
> I know of no "good" way to convert FM to any wiki format.  In my  
> experience the conversion is a huge PITA all around.  Be prepared  
> for a lot of hand cleanup.  On the other hand, its good that you  
> only have to do it once.  I once had a product manager who wanted  
> to regularly round-trip FM to wiki and back.  ahahaha.
> Some wiki software enables you to include raw HTML pages.  If your  
> wiki can handle this, then just convert your FM to HTML using  
> whatever method you like.  You may end up with an uneditable HTML  
> page, though, and not a wiki page, which is not particularly what  
> you want.
> Actually converting fm content to wiki format is going to take more  
> work.  If you have a small amount of content the easiest method is  
> probably just to save as text (or copy all the text out of the  
> files) and apply the wiki formatting by hand.  If you have a lot of  
> pages, or very complex pages, then you'll probably want to write a  
> script/tool to convert from FM output (text, html, XML) to your  
> wiki's input format.
> Alas, I know of no more general way to do this other than hand- 
> built tools, especially since every wiki has its own tagging language.
> Good luck.
> Laura

Thanks, Laura.

(Oof! Bottom posting freaks me out). It seems we're definitely going  
to need to write an app or script to do the conversion as the keyword  
list is something 15000 entries. Fortunately they are all in separate  
tables and are mostly uniform.


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