For several months we've been having LCK files that won't go away and
can't be deleted. The problem occurs on files stored on a network
Windows 2003 R2 server with SP2 installed.

Following is a description of what's occurring:

1. Person One opens a FM file, saves it, and closes it. The LCK file
does not automatically disappear. If anyone tries to manually delete
the LCK file, a message appears saying "Cannot delete .fm: It is being
used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be
using the file and try again." Closing FrameMaker or rebooting the PC
has no effect.

2. Person Two tries to open the file, but a message appears saying
that Person One still has it open.

3. Person Two resets the lock on the file, saves it, and closes it.

4. Anyone who tries to open the file now gets a message saying that
Person Two still has the file open.

This isn't occurring with all files. Some days it occurs with more
files than other days.

LAN rebooted the network server one night last week. The next morning,
most of the LCK files were gone. The ones that remained I was able to
manually delete. Now this week the LCK files are persisting again.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Rick Henkel

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