Hopefully some one can help me.

I use Mathtype 5 (windows) for all my equations in FrameMaker 7.2 (windows).
Each equation is saved as an Postscript/tiff (*eps) file and then imported
into FM.  For some reason the greek lettering is converting to english
lettering. I never had this issue before. When I insert the greek in using
keyboard letters and changing the character to the symbol font it seems to
work, but only if it is one character. Display equations will not work this

I saved my document as a PDF and the symbol font still did not show greek.
If I print from Mathtype 5 it prints fine. I only way it works is by coping
the equation once typed in Mathtype and pasting directly in to FrameMaker.
This is combersum when you have lots of equations and you need to make
changes to them. 

To me it seems to be a font issue some how but I?m not sure how to fix it.
I would appreciate any advise some one could give me.

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