I think I remember that Mathtype gives you no option to include fonts in 
EPS, which means you're relying on Frame to see that it needs to 
download the font to the printer.

Frame *displays* Greek, right? IOW, Mathtype is writing the TIFF preview 
showing Greek, not roman?

Did you try printing to a PS file and distilling? I know you said you 
saved PDF, but that's not the same as printing PS and distilling. Even 
if your PS output doesn't contain the symbol font, Distiller should see 
this and include the font in the PDF.

Other things to look for:

--Do you have only one Symbol font (T1 or TT, but not both)?

--Are you trying to make Symbol italic or bold (Symbol comes in only 1 

--Are you sure it's Symbol? Mathtype comes with Euclid Symbol, which 
*does* come in 4 weights. I've had trouble with the Type 1 version of 
Euclid Symbol. I solved the problem by using the Truetype version 
instead. I think I had to download it from Design Science.

Kenneth Benson
Pegasus Type, Inc.

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