Our Tech Support staff has made several 
animations in Adobe Captivate as the main tool to 
teach our users certain functionalities. 
Captivate generates output in .SWF + .HTML or 
.EXE (FlashPlayer wrapped with the .SWF file) 
format) but not .AVI or other common formats.

I will make a prodecural document in FM to give 
the user the work context and convert it to PDF. 
I cannot add the animations to the FM file 
because File > Import > Object does not accept 
those formats. And the hypertext command that can 
launch an applicatio in FrameMaker does not work once PDFed.

I know I can simply add buttons to the FM 
document and convert to PDF, and then link the 
button areas to the .SWF, .HTML, or > EXE files. 
But each time I redo the PDF I will lose the 
links made to the external files. Our goal is to 
send our document out to specific users and have 
them test it - there will be several iterations 
of this tool and many new PDF documents generated. i will go lonk crazy!

Do you  have any suggestions? is there a better way to do this?

Many thanks for your ideas!

Stephen O'Brien
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