I don't believe that FrameMaker 7.2 supports this format, but you will be able 
to do this with the next release of FrameMaker, to be released soon. The 
announcement of FrameMaker 8 (posted Monday) mentions the ability to import 
animations created with Captivate.

Go to the following URL:

... and find this text:

     Support for rich media (New)

     Create more engaging online documentation by incorporating 3D
     models, rich Adobe Flash? Player compatible animations, and
     simulations created with Adobe Captivate? software. Generate
     Adobe PDF files with live 3D models.

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  >Our Tech Support staff has made several animations in Adobe
  >Captivate as the main tool to teach our users certain
  >functionalities. Captivate generates output in .SWF + .HTML or
  >.EXE (FlashPlayer wrapped with the .SWF file) format) but not
  >.AVI or other common formats.
  >I will make a prodecural document in FM to give the user the work
  >context and convert it to PDF. I cannot add the animations to the
  >FM file because File > Import > Object does not accept those
  >formats. And the hypertext command that can launch an applicatio
  >in FrameMaker does not work once PDFed.
  >I know I can simply add buttons to the FM document and convert to
  >PDF, and then link the button areas to the .SWF, .HTML, or > EXE
  >files. But each time I redo the PDF I will lose the links made to
  >the external files. Our goal is to send our document out to
  >specific users and have them test it - there will be several
  >iterations of this tool and many new PDF documents generated. i
  >will go lonk crazy!
  >Do you  have any suggestions? is there a better way to do this?
  >Many thanks for your ideas!
  >Stephen O'Brien
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