My first guess would be that there were graphics embedded in the Word
file that are now embedded in the FM file and are being converted to
FM vector graphics.

The better way to do this is to separate the graphics from Word before
importing (by saving as an HTML file to spin the graphics files off),
save the Word file as RTF (many people prefer text) and open that in
FM. Them importing the graphics by reference.


On 7/26/07, O'Laoghaire Micheal <Micheal.OLaoghaire at> wrote:
> I converted a pretty large Word document by opening it in Frame, first
> saving it as a MIF, then saving it as FM
> The FM file initially appeared pretty OK. However after I scrolled
> throug the file (without making ANY changes), then saved it, the file
> grew enormously in size.
> Some specs:
> Initial Word document had about 256 pages, a TOC, lots of tables and
> embedded graphics
> Almost everything seemed to make it through the conversion OK. Perhaps a
> handful of graphics were dropped.
>         FILE                                            SIZE (MB)
>     Original Word file                             5.0
> MIF File after Conversion                     11
> FM file from MIF File  (initial)                 3.1
> FM file after a litle scrolling                  13
> FM file after a little more scrolling        38
> Final FM file size                            ~ 68
> I also tried copying/pasting the contents of newly-converted file into a
> 'clean' new file.
> The size of that FM File              72 MB
> I also tried cnverting the initial Word file to RTF, then converting the
> RTF to MIF and FM. However, the results were the same.
> The behavior is also very consistent and repeatable.
> I have also converted quite a number of other Word docs to Frame lately
> without eny evidence of similar problems.
> Question:
> Has anyone seen this behavior before?
> Do you have any ideas of what the possible cause is (other than
> "something in the Word file is corrupted"), as well as possible fixes
> and/orworkarounds?
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