Hello Framers,

A while back I posted some questions about creating a Structured Frame  
application so that we can share xml files between Structured Frame and our XML 
publishing system that was created in-house. We also have some legacy material  
in unstructured Frame that we would need to convert into structured Frame.

Since that time, I have completed the XML cookbook and done some playing  
around with Frame's conversion table. I have a few questions I thought someone  
on the list may be able to help me with:

1. I'm sure it's in the Structure Application Developer's Guide somewhere,  
but what is the correct way to tell the conversion table to wrap all the tags 
in  a section within a section tag?

2. How do element tags get into a Structured Frame template? Are they  
created in the template, or are they read in from the EDD? 

3. Why do you define formatting into the EDD? Why not just put that into  the 

4. Why is the EDD not referenced in the structapps.fm file?

5. We have a schema for our home grown XML publishing system, but not a  DTD. 
Do I need to make a DTD from that? Can I just use the schema instead? Or,  do 
I need both?

6. Is there a third-party book I can buy to help me with Structured  Frame?

Any help would be appreciated.

Nancy Adams

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