I'm probably breaking rules here by posting two queries in succession. Sorry. 
Today is not a good day with FrameMaker. TGIF.

I am working up a template, and am seeing visibly inconsistent vertical spacing 
between headings and body paras in the same document despite the fact that 
there are no overrides.

Here are the relevant specs:

A Heading space above 19 pt, space below 6 pt, line spacing 16 pt fixed, 16 
point Frutiger bold uppercase, left justified

B Heading space above 18 pt, space below 3 pt, line spacing 14 pt fixed, 14 
point Frutiger bold, left justified

C Heading space above 13.5 pt, space below 3 pt, line spacing 13.5 pt fixed, 
13.5 point Frutiger bold italic, left justified

BodyFirst [follows all headings] Space above 0 pt, space below 0 pt, line 
spacing 11.8 pt fixed, 9.8 pt Revival 565 Roman, full justified

What I see is visibly different, over-large, vertical leading between some, but 
not all, A, B and C headings and the BodyFirst paras that follow them. To 
reiterate, there are *no* para overrides. There are no master page overrides 

[I inherited some of these specs, in case you think they're odd because of me. 
I have dickered with the originals, changing fonts and spacings, but the 
original files, which mostly used Times New Roman, show the same oddity.]

Are there any known FrameMaker bugs in this area? Is there perhaps some sort of 
thing going on with the differing fixed line spacing?


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