Scott White wrote:
> Folks
> I have a client who when she creates a ps file from Frmae 7.2 and 
> distills  her background boxes look skewed, ie the box narrows in some 
> places and looks normal in others. From what I gathered from her is she 
> creates a box, fills it with a solid color, lays a text box inside and 
> types what ever words she wants or just types a text line inside the 
> filled box. Either way the outside, or simulated shadow box, narrows in 
> some places instead maintaining a constant size.
> I tried following her steps and I couldn't get the same results.
> She is using ariel font, frame 7.2, distiller 7.0. I was using distiller 
> 6.0.
> Any thoughts???

Is the customer creating the shadow box with the text tool (a 
text frame), the graphic frame tool (a graphics frame), the 
polygon tool (a closed shape that can be drawn rectangular or 
free-form), or the polyline tool (an open shape)?

Is the box skewed before the text object (line or frame) is 
placed on top of it?

You can't place an object inside a rectangle, or a polygon; 
only on them. You can group a rectangle or polygon, and a text 
frame or text line.

You can drag an object inside a graphic frame.

My best guess is that the box is not drawn with the rectangle 
tool, but with the polygon tool, and it's not perfectly 
rectangular to begin with. You use the polygon tool by 
clicking it to make corners, and double clicking to stop 
making corners; then you deselect. If you hold Shift while 
clicking to make the corners, the lines and corners will be at 
45- or 90-degrees.

To resize polygons, you drag a corner. You can also reshape it 
- drag the corners - by choosing Graphics > Reshape, then drag 
a corner. Reshaping by dragging without holding Shift, can 
break the rectangularity.


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