> I have a client who when she creates a ps file from Frmae 7.2 and
> distills  her background boxes look skewed, ie the box narrows in  some 
> places and looks normal in others. From what I gathered from her  is she 
> creates a box, fills it with a solid color, lays a text box  inside and 
> types what ever words she wants or just types a text line  inside the 
> filled box. Either way the outside, or simulated shadow  box, narrows in 
> some places instead maintaining a constant size.

I seem to recall Shlomo Perets of microtype.com mentioning a bug distilling 
boxes with rounded corners. The straight sides would come out wavy. This 
sounds a little like your problem. I believe the fix was to uncheck the 
"Convert smooth lines to curves" option in the Acrobat job options.

Mike Wickham

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