We have a curious problem: We are bringing in a 700-page addition to our
document from another source, complete with graphics. The master page
and variable conversions went smoothly. But, when we attempted to import
and re-link the hundreds of graphics, we've run into a consistent,
recurring glitch: Our normal file format is .cgm, but these files with
the new document are .svg files that we've never used before. The basic
page format is two-columns and the 1-column wide .svg files import
nicely. When we try to import two-column and "full-page" .svg files,
however, the images get clipped off to the right and along the top about
a third of the way on each axis. Some files have some call-outs drop out
unexpectedly, regardless of image size. We also have black artifact
lines in the art (similar to the infamous PageMaker 3.1 register table
glitch in the early 1990s) in both axes in some figures. Since the
narrower files import perfectly, I don't see how it can be a filter
issue, but I just don't have any experience with the .svg  format to be
sure of anything.  Any Listers out there have any suggestions?


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