Randall C. Reed wrote: 

> We have a curious problem: We are bringing in a 700-page 
> addition to our document from another source, complete with 
> graphics. The master page and variable conversions went 
> smoothly. But, when we attempted to import and re-link the 
> hundreds of graphics, we've run into a consistent, recurring 
> glitch: <snip>

It might help to know something about what you're working with -- OS and
FM versions, for starters. And what you mean by "a 700-page addition" --
What is this addition (e.g., FM file, Word file, text, ...)? How and to
what are you adding it? Direct import into FM file? Import by reference
(text inset)? Import as object? New file(s) added to book? And why do
you have to re-link all these graphics? 


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