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>Is it possible to put building blocks inside a user variable? Ideally I'd
>like to create a variable named CurrentYear that contains only the <$year>
>building block. For reasons unknown, I'd like to do this without modifying
>or using the existing current date, modification date, or creation date

Sadly, no, because <$year> is a sort of meta building block. If you look at the 
current date (long), modification date (long) and creation date (long) system 
variables, for example, you'll see that they all use <$year>, but it's just a 
placeholder to fish out the relevant part of the relevant date from 
FrameMaker's document data.

A user variable containing '<$year>' will appear in the text as '<$year>'. 
Well, actually, this is not quite true, as it appears in the text as '<$year'. 
I am sure that there is a good reason for this, but I have no idea what it is.

You can, as you observe, edit the definitions of the system variables, but it 
seems that you don't want to do this. One feels one ought to be able to create 
new system variables: I expect someone has put this on a FrameMaker wish list 
at some stage.


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