As others have noted, it is not possible to use system variables
within user variables, nor is it possible to define additional new
system variables. But I have to say that I really don?t see that 
what you are trying to do provides that much utility. Globally 
updating a regular user variable that contains the year across
all files in a book takes only a few minutes, even for a large 
book, and you only need to change the value once a year.
A manual solution works fine for me in this situation.

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Subject: system variables inside a user variable?

Is it possible to put building blocks inside a user variable? Ideally I'd
like to create a variable named CurrentYear that contains only the <$year>
building block. For reasons unknown, I'd like to do this without modifying
or using the existing current date, modification date, or creation date

Thank you for your time.

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