What you're adding to the index entry is not a paragraph tag;
it is a *character* tag.

If this formatting is something you want to apply to every
1st-level index entry, the way you should do this is by setting
the formatting in the paragraph format of the Level1IX paragraph
tag in the paragraph catalog of the IX file. Doing global formatting
in the index entries themselves is simply a mainetnance nightmare.

As to why your index entries aren't working properly, I'm not
sure I have any good ideas. One thing you might want to try
(assuming that you really do intend to stick with the approach
of applying character formatting in the index entries) is to
explictly cancel the character format at the ned of the top-
level entry using <Default Para Font> just before the first

And just to make sure: You're not including paragraph breaks
or line breaks in your index markers, are you? There's a known
bug in FrameMaker relating to that.

>From: Dona Mommsen <dona.mommsen at gmx.net>
>To: framers at lists.frameusers.com
>Subject: 3rd level index entry problem
>Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 16:15:07 -0500
>Dear Framers,
>I'm using Frame 7.0 on Mac 10.3.9, and I'm having trouble with 3rd level 
>index entries for a book.
>I'm adding manually a paragraph tag <IndexFirst> to first level index 
>entries. Maybe that was a stupid thing to do in the first place, and maybe 
>it has nothing to do with my problem. Anyhow, the results are fine for 
>first and second level entries. Yet any third level entry does not appear 
>at the correct place, reproducing all 3 levels in its own entry.
>This creates a correct second level entry:
><IndexFirst>customer:corporate customer
>This creates an incorrect third level entry
><IndexFirst>customer:corporate customer:scenarios
>Snippet from the resulting Index:
>       corporate customer
>               scenarios 306?308
>       <<other 2nd level entries here>>
>       corporate customer 19, 50, 63, 147, 149
>               <<scenarios does NOT show up as 3rd level entry here>>
>AFAIK it has noting to do with the page ranges, since I get the same 
>behavior with other entries that are for a single page. In fact, I get the 
>same behavior for any 3rd level entries that I've tried so far. I also 
>tried to force the entry by adding a sort order [customer:corporate 
>customer], which seems to be ignored. What am I missing?
>Thanks in advance for any help

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