No problems at all on 7.2 and upgrading to 8 on Windows XP on half a
dozen boxes.

I believe many of the "problems" reported have had to do with the fact
that 8's PDF preferences are stored in a new location which isn't a
location the legacy FM ap looks at. Move the preferences per the Adobe
tech note and FM can find them.


On 6/16/07, Steve Rickaby <srickaby at> wrote:
> I currently have a good sound working FrameMaker set-up with FrameMaker 7.0 
> and Acrobat 6 Pro on Mac.
> I may have to go to Acrobat 8 for non-FrameMaker reasons. As there have been 
> reports [Windows only?] of Acrobat 8 installations interfering with 
> FrameMaker PDF workflows, can anyone prompt me on the 'correct' or 'safe' 
> method of installing Acrobat 8 Pro so as not to interfere with FrameMaker's 
> ability to create PDFs?
> [I always print to Ps and distill in Distiller separately.]
> --
> Steve

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