Judie Vegh wrote:
> Doug and Art, 
> Thanks so much for your responses, I will try these methods out and see
> what works best for my situation. 
> As a follow up to this, would it be possible if I wanted text to expand
> across both columns at the bottom of the page? Say, instead of adding in
> a graphic to explain my steps, I'd like to add in a text box with some
> information relevant to the text/steps that are in the two columns?
> Would that then require a different master page? 


Stay away from trying to format individual pages by inventing new master 
pages; instead, use the pagination tools available in the Designers and 
the options for anchored frames.

Sounds like you want to have your page look like the ones you've made 
that have 2-col text at the top and a wide graphic spanning both columns 
at the bottom.  You've done that by inserting an anchored frame and 
putting a graphic in it.  But for your new purpose, don't put a graphic 
in the anchored frame.  Draw a text box inside it instead and then type 
and format your explanatory text.

Alternative methods would be to create a pgf tag set to Span All Columns 
and apply that to your "sidebar" text at the bottom of the page, or 
create a table (one or many rows/columns, borders or not, to suit) that 
spans all columns.

A table or a spanning pgf tag pretty  much limits you to positioning 
just after the 2-col body text unless you fuss with settings manually.
If you want all these graphics and sidebar texts to be flush with the 
bottom of the page, an anchored frame can be set to Bottom of Column and 
will stay there even if your 2-column text is shortened.


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