Stuart is quite correct -- use the program the way it was designed to
be used; minimal master pages and overrides -- you can do the
"exception" graphics and text blocks (sidebars) the same way, by
inserting an anchored frame and using it as a container for the
graphic or text.

You may want to do some reading on the way FM works. It's not really a
page layout or design program that works the way other desktop
publishing programs or word processors work. It is dedicated to long
document management, and it uses a series of containers (the frames)
that are layered on top of each other to hold content.


On 6/19/07, Stuart Rogers <srogers at phoenix-geophysics.com> wrote:
> Judie Vegh wrote:
> > Doug and Art,
> >
> > Thanks so much for your responses, I will try these methods out and see
> > what works best for my situation.
> >
> > As a follow up to this, would it be possible if I wanted text to expand
> > across both columns at the bottom of the page? Say, instead of adding in
> > a graphic to explain my steps, I'd like to add in a text box with some
> > information relevant to the text/steps that are in the two columns?
> > Would that then require a different master page?
> >
> Judie,
> Stay away from trying to format individual pages by inventing new master
> pages; instead, use the pagination tools available in the Designers and
> the options for anchored frames.
> Sounds like you want to have your page look like the ones you've made
> that have 2-col text at the top and a wide graphic spanning both columns
> at the bottom.  You've done that by inserting an anchored frame and
> putting a graphic in it.  But for your new purpose, don't put a graphic
> in the anchored frame.  Draw a text box inside it instead and then type
> and format your explanatory text.
> Alternative methods would be to create a pgf tag set to Span All Columns
> and apply that to your "sidebar" text at the bottom of the page, or
> create a table (one or many rows/columns, borders or not, to suit) that
> spans all columns.
> A table or a spanning pgf tag pretty  much limits you to positioning
> just after the 2-col body text unless you fuss with settings manually.
> If you want all these graphics and sidebar texts to be flush with the
> bottom of the page, an anchored frame can be set to Bottom of Column and
> will stay there even if your 2-column text is shortened.
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