Cross-references can only display content that falls into three 
or four general categories:
--text from the paragraph where the cross-reference marker is
   located, via the <$paratext> building block
--autonumbering associated with the paragraph where the 
   cross-reference marker is located, via the <$paranum>
   and associated building blocks
--system variables for data such as the page number, chapter
   number, filename, paragraph tag name, etc. via the corresponding
   system-defined building blocks (e.g. <$pagenum>, <$chapnum>)
--text that is manually included in definition of a specific cross-
   reference format

There is no provision for directly including user variables in a 

I can see two potential workarounds, neither of which I have actually

1) If you are not using the $volnum system variable for other purposes
you can define it as a text string (rather than a number) to make a 
system variable that contains the book name. Each separate file
can have its own different definition for the $volnum system variable, 
or you can set several files to use the same definition.

2) It should work to place the book name in a "hidden" paragraph
that is located at the top of each file and that has a special paragraph

tag. I'm not sure I see any good reason why this needs to be in a 
separate text frame as long as it is located on the first body page
(as opposed to a master page). If you use the <$paratext[paratag]> 
building block in your cross-reference format, replacing "paratag" 
with the actual name of the special paragraph tag you used for the 
hidden book title paragraph, your cross-reference should pick up
whatever text is contained in the special paragraph (whether or
not it comes from a user variable or is directly entered text). 

Note that in your example, the building block is incorrectly referencing
the name of the user variable (BookName), rather than the tag name of
paragraph that contains the book name (BookTitle). The cross-reference 
doesn't care whether the paragraph contains a user variable; all it
for is a paragraph that is tagged with the tag name you specify.

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I still can't figure out how to get BookName variable into my xrefs. I
Zoe's solution: I inserted the variable into a text frame, then applied
BookTitle para tag. The xref will not display the book name. Here's a

To begin with, I'm not really sure why I need to put the variable in a
frame. I really don't understand how Frame thinks. Do you have any
or do you know if this topic is covered in Frame documentation?

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