At 10:32 -0700 20/6/07, Daniel Doornbos wrote:

>Now those comments show just how much you guys know about the Bible.
>The 10 Commandments are in the Old Testament.
>But Bodvar is working on the New Testament.

Ah... so that's what 'NT' stood for. I though it was a Windoze reference ;-)

>The NT writers used pen and paper, incidently.

I'm disappointed: I always thought it was goat skin. Better for the goats, I 

>Bibles, whether you are translating or formatting the pages, are
>especially challenging work.

Don't doubt it.

>I don't have the FM skills Bodvar asked for but I do appreciate the work
>has undertaken from a professional as well as a spiritual perspective.

I expect we all do, Daniel.


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