I saw that, and was also thinking about it. I think it was a Monty
Python film. Moses was walking down the mountain holding three tablets.
He says, "I give you the 15..." and then one tablet drops and breaks. So
he amends his statement and says, "I give you the ten commandments."
Someone should have told Moses about creating backups! 

Thank you,

Gillian Flato

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Actually, according to an historical film I saw as a child, there were
actually three tablets, but one fell off the mountain and was never

Now THAT's an editing job! 

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> Lin Surasky wrote:
> >  
> > I'm sorry. We're having a tool discussion on another 
> thread, and I'm 
> > afraid that this stone/chisel suggestion is going to end up 
> as the top 
> > choice!
> > 
> > (Would it be better than RoboHelp for creating documentation?)
> > ;-)
> I think this early PDF (Portable Decree Format) has been 
> abandoned, as it turned out to be surprisingly fragile -- the 
> first deliverables were damaged by the carrier and had to be replaced.
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