It looks like MAXit Checker (via same URL) would be the comparable product for 
unstructured FM...? Correct?

Has anyone used MAXit?

Rene Stephenson

"Combs, Richard" <richard.combs at> wrote: Yves Barbion wrote:

> I'm looking for a style checker tool that dynamically checks 
> whether DITA-structured text complies with terminology 
> databases and style guides. Something that does the following:

You need to look into Controlled English. I doubt you'll get your entire
wish list (without spending a fortune on customization and consulting),
but you can get 90% of what you need. Check out Smart Communications
( -- they seem to be the leader in the field. I
can't directly vouch for them, or anyone else -- we've only done some
preliminary investigation. 


Richard G. Combs
Senior Technical Writer
Polycom, Inc.
richardDOTcombs AT polycomDOTcom
rgcombs AT gmailDOTcom


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